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Welcome to Pacifica Frame,
a fresh video production company based in San Diego, CA.

Since 2012, we realize commercials, music videos, shorts, documentaries, wedding videos, events videos and everything you may need.
Our founder and guru is Matteo Bertoli , a professional Italian filmmaker.

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We are graduated and talented professionists with a relentless desire to make anything happen. Whether it’s for fun or work, every new video becomes part of our dream and gets the treatment it deserves.

Matteo Bertoli

Matteo graduated in sciences and technologies of arts and entertainment at Cattolica University, Italy. He worked on film sets in New Orleans and has shot many videos in Europe and USA.
He lives between Italy and California.

Corinna Bolpagni

Corinna graduated in psychology and she’s the office manager of the company. She’s also in charge with public relations and, obviously, she’s the psychologist of the crew.

Marco Bertoli

Marco graduated with a degree in graphic and design and he’s an artist. Painter, photographer and filmmaker.
There’s nothing to say, his works speak for him.

Pacifica Frame Multimedia LLC

San Diego, CA
+1 949 9235070 (US)   -   +39 329 7908138 (IT)